A huge pixel art piece I had printed on a skateboard.

Smoking cigars with my college bestie and the light was too perfect.

Above is a sample magazine where I collaborated with a friend who does paper-art.
I told her, "Don't judge yourself by what you see on tv, I can show you why."

I had so much fun with this project. I did the photography for the front, After Effects for the orb on the back, scanned burnt cardboard for the inside cover, did all the text in illustrator, and composited in Photoshop.

A fun display loop to throw on screen in post!

We had to pick our favorite song at the time and do a hand made animation for it.

I would have loved to get into the VFX industry, but LA rent is nuuuuts.

Attack of the Show saw this and I started talking to them! Then they shut down...

Another project where I had a couple days to create a TV bumper. (Back when CC had a great lineup)

We got snowed in on the mountain and I needed something to do for the day.

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