Tools: Adobe Suite, Windows
Role: Asset Management, Production Lead, Training
Impact: Uniform consistency and quick turn updates and iterations

When I joined Microsoft, we used a network drive where all of our job folders were pretty straight forward. Each job contained it's working files and whatever assets it needed for the job. While this is the simplest way to set up a job, it is not the most efficient.
But, regularly, we worked on jobs that shared common brand assets, photography, renders, and more. So, I developed a process for extracting common assets from finished jobs and placing them in the "Asset Drive".
The Asset Drive was a remote location where assets were shared across multiple jobs. By doing this, any time that asset was requested to change, it only needed to be changed once. Then, every job linking to that asset saw the piece updated at the same time.
In the end, building our jobs out this way allowed us to update an unlimited number of jobs simultaneously, prevent anybody from using outdated logos or photography, and save an enormous amount of space on storage.
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