Tools: Photoshop, After Effects
Roles: Project Management, Producer, Back-fill Editor/Localization
Impact: Two successful, twelve-video series kicked off for Wizard Play Network, several new set launch unboxing videos, and two new set trailers. I also helped launch their new YouTube strategy, condensing their views back to one video instead of a separate video per region. This also increases their visibility, as higher views raises your rank in the search index.
These videos are a sample of some of the work I did as a Video Producer while I was at Wizards of the Coast. These are videos I was directly responsible for. I also assisted on several Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering game trailers.

These videos were scheduled and created over the course of a year, about one a month for twelve months. I was responsible for meeting with the production company and the internal client to determine the vision and direction for the videos. I worked on proofs, processing feedback, writing scripts, and localizing all them. These ones are in Italian and German!

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