Tools: Photoshop, After Effects
Roles: Project Management, Producer, Back-fill Editor/Localization
Impact: Two successful, twelve-video series kicked off for Wizard Play Network, several new set launch unboxing videos, and two new set trailers.
These videos are a sample of some of the work I did as a Video Producer while I was at Wizards of the Coast. These are videos I was directly responsible for. I also assisted on several Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering game trailers.

For larger events, we did larger announcements. This was a new core set that introduced a lot of new lore and characters to the world of Magic The Gathering in coordination with a new video game release, so we put out this video to hype the retailers on their big release events.

I was responsible for handling scripts, shot lists, talent, passing cuts back and forth between the production company and the clients, and localization in 11 different languages. This one is Spanish!

Another large set release! I actually did a little acting in this one as well!

Every new box set for Magic The Gathering had an unboxing video sent to the retailers.

We normally shot and edited these ourselves, as they didn't need to be localized.

I quick instructional video on how to build our Garruk standee.

I had to hire the help, light, shoot, and edit the video over two days.

These videos were scheduled and created over the course of a year, about one a month for twelve months. I was responsible for meeting with the production company and the internal client to determine the vision and direction for the videos. I worked on proofs, processing feedback, writing scripts, and localizing all them. These ones are in Italian and German!

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