Pixel heads for my friends and I!
Less realistic pixel heads for my friends and I!
Pixels for everything!
Faux 3D, vector illustrations!
My friend's friend had a birthday and they commissioned a new profile picture from me.
But then I was having a lot of fun and made one for my bestie as well.
I also ran a YouTube channel that's since turned into a Twitch channel!

A background for my bestie's new PC.

Loved this piece of art by Penny Arcade and wanted to play with making it into a cinemagraph.

A logo for the side of my best friend's work trailer.

Just a little inherited properties test in Cinema 4D

Having more fun with inherited properties and cloned objects.

Black and white photo collages for my cousins. These ended up being laser-etched onto skateboards for both of them. They very much enjoyed them.
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